Hello Friends..!

Welcome to today’s edition of my Photography learning experience!

Modern world after the “Like” gift from Bret Taylor has changed its way of looking at things. I believed that it was just an expression that my not mean anything most of the time. The recent like to one of my blog post changed this belief. I did not believe that this would be as important as it is now without my recent experience from Blog.

Without creating more suspense let us move on to the most important words in the title – “RELEVANT”. Well, it is very much essential to understand the meaning of this word. Whenever I have a doubt I face towards dictionary. The following is what I have received – closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered. It explains that it should be in line with the base objective. Period.

To my previous post of my blog titled PHOTOGRAPHY – DILEMMA OF WHAT COMES FIRST – TOOLS VERSUS SKILLS I have received three likes. First of all I am thankful to all of you to add to my recent blog. (Problem is I don’t know how to tag you.. Forgive me for that. You could help me in the comment box.)

(1) Joshi Danaiel Photography – Images of People Photoblog

The first like I saw was from Joshi Danaiel Photography. Remarkable things happen when we pay attention when we take interest in the people who are interested. I visited his website. Well I first came to know that there is one line of photography where one can decide to take only the portrait image. I observed that images taken at different angles can make remarkable difference in its results. It is not absolutely necessary to have an illuminated or colorful images that matter. Many-a-times it is the colorlessness that works for some subjects.

Unless experimented with I can not make any comments how I felt about the results but some important input I have received from is about page. Yes, the crude things were very important to me that the artist has refused to use any photograph that were not his original work. In my previous three blog posts I have used the images from google search results. The title image as I wanted were not possible to take with the tools I have. I am going to remove these images today and come up with something original for my blog.

It is still possible to sell images ass they are work of art. We can always keep an option for the photography admirers to be a genuine art lover. For those who like to do things officially and enjoy things beyond stealing from the creative few who make them with their strength of their back and sweat of their bows; this is the way we do business. For others, it has to be bound by at least the declaration that our work produced are genuine and not edited or stolen work from some one else. Creating a responsible declarations should be the first sign of discipline.

It would have been very difficult to identify the improvements in my work, if had you not shown your support through “Like”. I appreciate and admire your contribution in my progress for which I would be in your debt.

(2) Eclipsed Words – Aspire to inspire others & the universe will take note

The second like I had received was from Eclipsed Words – a blog by Aishwarya Shah. Ms. Aishwarya Shah has multiple interests and is a genuine art lover.  Her inspirational quotes have not only been inspiring but also motivating to strive and do my best.

Some times there are things that happen beyond the main event. What I noticed was she had tagged quote a number of things relevant to the post and its subjects. May it be images, or video or someone’s quote. I learned that many a times the one thing that matters needs support from other relevant things.

I would take this opportunity to thank her for her inputs to my learning. I would once again try to make it a lively experience for the readers. I would say that your tagline has resembles successful efforts. I am in your debt to share your interest in my photography learning.

(3) Cooking Without Limits – Food Photography & Recipes

The third like I had received was from Cooking Without Limits. This is a website-cum-blog by Ms. Gabi. She makes her cooking experiences lively though her professional photography.

Well, there were quite a lot of interesting things. First of all she is a professional photographer may be using fusion of her cooking experience with her full time profession. A very interesting approach for people with multiple interests. I am not sure if there were any way to relate a post to a different post.

The clarity of her photographs and the presentation with the recipes were very balancing combinations that is hard to achieve without a load of experiences that come with a long professional work on a subject. Everything was divided in different subjects and very well organized. Well, I was wondering if I was one of the few who saw these. But then I observed the number of followers on her page were over 30,000.

Thank you very much Ms. Gabi inspiration and learning experience through your “Like”.


The important thing is that this does not end here. Actually, it takes a very sharp curve from here. One is no longer an amateur photographer if he finds all that out. Out there a world of opportunities is  waiting just to be achieved.


Thanks …!

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